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Anesthesia [Caesar's]

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Anesthesia [Caesar's]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:43 pm

Name: Anesthesia
Age: 37
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Race (If your OC is an alien): Human
Allegiance: Neutral
Origins: Human
Height: 7'0"
Strengths: Lack of emotion
Weaknesses: Lack of emotion, poor judgment, mute
History: Anesthesia was an abomination. One of the most horrifying things your eyes could look at on this Earth. He was born ugly and crippled, and his parents deserted him. A mutated inhumane atrocity. He was found by a man on the streets. The man took him in, and using what little things he had to try to fix him. He was only a few months old then. He cried, it was natural. Th man got irritated by this, and sewed his mouth shut. The baby was missing an eye, so he sewed the socket shut too. After this, Anesthesia was cast back out into the world.His appearance made him universally shunned and hated by the world. But he could endure it using the simplest judgment his mind could think of. He can and would hurt who hurt him. After all, that is fair. The world taught him that violence would always be returned with violence. He learned to recognize the facial expressions of hatred and disgust, and recognized it as insults. He didn't care about the words or blows that rained upon him regularly. He can't feel the hatred in them, due to his lack of emotion. In the end, whoever tried to hurt him will fail, and he will retaliate with violence.
Do you use nanos: No
Appearance: Wears a dirty ragged suit and a top hat, is bald, and walks around with a cane. He has abnormally long fingers, and has an extra one on each hand. His left eye is sewn shut, and his right eye has no eyelid. His mouth is stitched into a tortured smile. He has no nose, just two nostrils where it should be.

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