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The OC Form

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The OC Form

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:09 pm

Here's the OC Form. If you're not sure how to fill it out, click here for the answer, or ask a mod.

Race (If your OC is an alien):
Allegiance: Are you fighting for the Good Guys? The Villains? Or are you a Neutral?
Origins: EVO, Alien, Magic User, Imaginary Friend, or Human
Powers: If you are an EVO, Alien or Magic User, please state your power and what attacks they have. 6 attacks are the maximum allowed.
Appearance: What does your OC look like? Links are acceptable as long as the link itself is appropriate.
Strengths: (By strength we mean are they good in any subjects or do they have any special skills. Not the physical strength of your character; 3 are mandatory)
Weaknesses: (By weakness, we mean what are they bad at, or what can be a weakness to their powers? 3 are mandatory)
Do you use nanos: Only Humans are allowed to have Nanos, no if ands or buts.



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