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New Origins: Voluntas

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New Origins: Voluntas

Post  Blueyedemoness on Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:52 pm

Just so everyone knows a Voluntas is a will amplifier and not something someone is born into. They were specifically made not only to condense strong willpower but use it as a sort of weapon or creation. When you first are handed one you have to envision what you want it to be and you channel your willpower to create such a thing. The downside is that once you think of a creation, you can never alter it, it will stay the same every time you use that specific Voluntas. And another downside... the Voluntas were created only for the De Laga family, which was the family to invent them in the first place.

So only members or descendants of the De Laga family will ever be able to use them.  Which means if you want to have a Voluntas you should come to me for questions and make sure your character IS part of the De Laga family or else it won't work.


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