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New Origins: Nanidroids

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New Origins: Nanidroids

Post  zerowing21 on Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:55 pm

ChibiofCuteness is nice enough to allow us to use the concept that she, her sister and a friend thought up awhile ago. This is the nanidroid Origins.

Here are the basics

Nanidroids are sentient beings made completely of nanites. They were created by members of the nanite project and have different powers.

All of them were given a two digit ID code corresponding to the order in which they were created to better keep track of them. These codes are usually printed in red on their upper arm from "birth."

They can also tell when another Nanidroid is close by. Each one has a distinct signal so they can tell which one is close. Only twelve exist, no more.

As of now, Only Sierra is the only actively known nanidroid, both others will...pop up over time.

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