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Rune Stones

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Rune Stones

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:33 pm

Here is a list of the rune stones that can be found around the RP

Sleep: As it implies, it causes sleep
Fire: A weak fire rune, mainly causes a spark
Pebble: A small earthy rock. Can't do much with it
Gravity: A rune that can change the weight of objects
Push: The rune, pushes objects around
Press: Used like a full body press
Sap/oil: Used to cover objects, rather flammable.
Spray: A quick jet of water. Not to be used in water gun fights
Flame: A more powerful fire rune
Boulder: A rune that drops a huge rock in front of the user to use
Ice: This rune produces small dagger like ice crystals.

(after lazily copy pasting the chat xP Zero you kinda made alot of runes you'd have to expand on like bend.)
add a number for level. Levels are like the quality of the rune better quality better power

Spark, Flame, Fire, Inferno

invisibility rune of Bend and light

wind + gravity = flight?

rune of dodge

water + bending + push = the bubble/Bubble travel

Spray + Sea = salt water spray

eletric one known as E spark

intangibility? that should be a like a five rune deal

Mana shield
rune of shield, rune of infuse, rune of mage?(not really sure what you meant here)

Meteor Fire + Rock + Sky

night vision... ?

Nox + sound + prevent = silence

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