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Nanos: The Break Down

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Nanos: The Break Down

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:28 pm


  1. OCs who are Aliens, EVOs, Magic users, Demons, Cyborgs, or Imaginary Friends CANNOT use nanos.
    -Nanos cannot bond with an Alien since their bio-signatures throw the Nanos off. This is the same for Magic Users, Power Users, Cyborgs and Imaginary Friends.

  2. The Activated Nanites in an EVO causes a molecular deconstruction in the Nanos.

  3. There are nano potions and gumballs in RP.

  4. Bonus and Scavenge are not used in the RP and Users can replace them with a random power.

Current listing of Nanos:
• The 56 Nanos (Click here to see their powers)
• Numbuh 274- Soopreme Leaduh Slam (Damage - Point); Galactic Spy (Sneak - Self); Teen Fighter (Damage - Area)
• Numbuh 362- Former Spy (Sneak - Self), Get to work!!! (Run - Group), Battle Stations! (Damage-Cone)
• Numbuh 86- Hot Head (Stun - Cone); coco Boys (Damage - Area); Tactical Officer (Guard - Group)
• Muriel- Courage Help! (Run- Group); Rolling pin smack- (Damage- area) Vinegar Tea- (Heal- group)
• Eustace- Sacar Mask (Stun- point); Mallet Mash (Drain- area); coco dog (Damage- point)
• Agent Six- Nanny Ninja (Damage - Point); Twin Blades (Stun - Cone); Nagging Mentor (Sleep - point)
• Bobo- Simian Slam (Damage - Cone); Master Prankster (Snare - Cone); Loyal to the End (Guard - Group)
• Brick- Flame Draw (Drain -area); Fire Breath (Damage - Cone); Pick’em up (Jump - self)
• Butch- Dome (Guard - self); Take’em back (recall - group;) Enemy watch (Radar - Group)
• Boomer- Flower saving- (Run -Group)’; Bat Charge- (revive - group); Leave’em be (Freedom - group)
• Computress- AI (Freedom - Self); My Scanners Report (Radar); Forewoman (Snare - Area)
• Olga- Dancing spin (Damage - point); Brotherly Hate (Stun - cone) Good Rival- (snare - point)
• Lazlo- Jelly Bean Love (Health - Area); Free Thinking (Freedom - Group); Imagination (Stun - Area)
• Raj- Future DJ (Antidote); Hygiene Freak (Leech - Point); My Hat! (Rocket - Self)
• Clam- Clam! (Damage - Area); Secretly Smart (Stun - Cone); Rhino Snare (Snare - Area)
• Mr. Green- Fresh Cookies (Heal - Self); Time out- (Stun: Area); Student Protection- (Guard)
• Fuzzy- Meat gun- (leech - point); Git off my proptey (Damage - cone); Rock throw (Recall- self)
• Mayor- Girl’s help! (Run -group); Vitapickle (Heal - group); Ms. Bellum (Leech -group)
• Dr. Holiday- Unlimited Ammo (Damage - cone); Check up (Heal - self); Nanite charge (revive - self)
• Herriman- Funny Bunny (Jump - Group); Strict to the Rules (Snare - Cone); Head of the House (Guard - Group)
• Madame Foster- Granny Ninja (Damage - Area); Caring Soul (Freedom - Self); Grandma’s Cookies (Health - Group)
• Frankie- So Much Work (Drain - Area); Caretaker (Freedom - Self); Goof Goof McGoof (Sneak - Self)
• Goo- Fast talker (Sleep - area); Over active imagination (Rocket - group); Shiny boots (run - self)
• Scotsman- Strange Legs (Jump - Self); 2nd Wanted (Run - Self); Taste My Blade (Damage - Area)
• Father- Fire Rage- (Damage - Cone); Rocky Road (Sleep - Cone) Crotchety (Stun - area)
• Princess- Pseudo Powerpuff (Leech - Point); In the Limelight (Radar); To the Bank (Run - Self)
• Numbuh 6- Cyborg (Damage - Point); Excellent Spy (Sneak - Self); Enhancement (Run - Group)
• Gwen- Mana Siphon (Drain - point); Mana shield (guard - self); Mana infusion (revive - self)

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