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The RP Staff

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:27 pm


Where to see the Coordinators
Creators: Buster, zerowing21, Kyra_Xyrespace
Current RP Coordinators: zerowing21, Kyra_Xyrespace, Mr.Didathing, Professor Utonium
Hiatus: Mallory627, Blueyedemoness, Kaiser

The RP Coordinators are the creators/managers of this RP. Our job is to moderate, observe, and take action in the RP. We expect the rules to be followed, whether you like them or not we just wish for them to be followed for equal fairness in the RP. If you want to challenge a rule, the best course of action to take is to PM any one of us. We have to approve of whether your character is in the RP or not. If your OC is overpowered and you are god-modding (god-modding is when your OC doesn’t get hurt, you dodge every attack and your attacks always land and your character is virtually unstoppable)in your posts will be counted as a strike and we will request you edit your post. If you post before your OC is approved your posts will be removed. You have a maximum of five strikes. Count them, five. If you receive five strikes then you are banned from the RP. Not banned from FMHQ but from the RP. But also be aware the RP follows the rules of FMHQ so those rules are also in effect. One more thing. The FMHQ RP is as much a part of FMHQ as the other threads and discussions are. If you get five strikes we will warn you if you continue in the RP. If you do not heed our warning we will temporarily ban you. After the banning if you continue to misbehave in the RP (in which you are still banned from) then a ban will be placed upon you till further notice. This ban in particular will not tell you when you will return or if you return and may go on for a unknown period of time. We do not wish for trouble makers in the RP. We wish only for people to release their imagination and have fun with their characters, to add in their own work onto a much larger community and enjoy themselves. This is why we created the RP and we will protect it from any danger. We are not tyrants, we are not revolutionists, we are the RP Coordinators.

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