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Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:25 pm

Due to the fact that there are so many RPCs and OCs in here with houses, it can be really confusing. This will be a compiled directory of all those houses that you guys home. You will see the name of the home and a description of the home. You can access any home from here.

Sector V
Maurice's House - Numbuh 11's pad. Come visit, he won't mind.
Lincoln Household - The home of the lead teen ninja and the best operative in sector v. Just come over when they aren't fighting.
The Uno Household - The house that was built around the Tree house of Greatness. Mind the Hampers and Monty Uno, aka Numbuh 0
Dickson Household - Welcome to Chad's home. Care to see some of the embarrassing photos?
Zenworth Residence - Welcome to Ariana's house. I wouldn't enter if I was you; especially if your name is Chad.
Rachel's House - Home of the KND leaduh. She would love visitors, just not when she's busy.
Fanny's House - The home of Fanny and Mr. Boss. Just be thankfully they haven't killed each other yet.
Beatles Residence - Home of the Australian operative. Maybe he won't want to box with you if you are lucky.
Gilligan Household - The home of Numbuh 2 and the Tommy. Just beware their grandma.
The Sanban Home - Welcome to the home of Numbuh 3. Her rainbow monkeys are everywhere.
Father's Mansion - A large mansion sits upon a massive land protected by a wall. If you are a child, stay away. If you're a teen hoping to join the Teen Ninjas, step right in.
Numbuh 13's Home - Welcome to the home of the unluckiest member in the KND, the one and only, Numbuh 13. He's moved to Sector V recently, so come stop in and say hi. Just don't bring any macaroni.
Devine Household - This is the house of Lizzie Devine, Numbuh One's ex-girlfriend. Enter if you dare.
Henrietta's House - The home of the famous kid explorer. Henrietta is rarely ever home; she's out finding candy across the various lands, and even under the seas.

KND Sectors
KND Sectors and Bases - Sectors A-Y (except V) and Deep Sea Science Lab, Artic Base, and Central Bike Hub can be found here.

The Cul-de-Sac
Edd's House - Welcome to Double D's place. You will find everything neatly labeled, just make sure you don't make the place dirty.
Eddy's House - A nice looking house that Eddy lives in. Do you really want to visit this cheapskates place?
Jonny 2x4 - Johnny is home and so is Plank, but make sure they aren't doing anything Urban Ranger or Gard related.
Rolf's House - Rolf's odd little house, um you may not want to stay here.
Hoshi Household - The house that Zane lives in. Maybe if you're nice and not hunting him down, you can visit.
Kevin's Household - The home of the bully. I think we shouldn't even entertain the thought of being here.
Nazz's House - The house of the girl that all the boy in the Cul-de-sac love. Come inside and try to avoid the charm.
Jimmy's Pad - Home of timid little Jimmy. See if he's home.
Stickybeard's Camp - The new base of the Candy Pirates, now set up in the small baseball field. The structure is permanent.
Ed's Household - The house that Ed lives in. His room is down stairs and is more of a mess than usual. Upstairs is Sarah's room. Whom are you here to visit?
Kyra Xyrespace Household - Welcome to the home of Ms. Xyrespace. The interior is designed in a lovely manner and with soft white walls. Knock before you enter, if you're Mac, just leave a love note at the door.
The Spacebyte Home - The house of Alice Spacebyte. It's a modest place, with nice furniture. Knock first please.
Park & Flush - Welcome to the home of the Kankers. Are they still building that Trojan hamburger? Also it appears that a new rubberband ball as taken up residence in this here parts with a pink little creature ridding in one of the bands.
Providence Safe House - The temporary base for the Providence gang until a new building is built.

Pokey Oaks
The Leeblossom House - A lovely house, owned by Kotomi Leeblossom. She lives here with her daughter only now. Come on in and visit.
Alex's House - A run down house that looks like its seen damage. Maybe you should knock.
Rosalinda's House - The home of Rosalinda. It's not very well furnished, but it what she calls home. Come visit.
Mr. Green's House - The house that belongs to everyone favorite sub. It smells like Kilroy is making cookies.
Time Squad HQ - The home and workplace for Time Squad, if you see Turd Russel, just ignore him and talk with Otto.
Xavier's House - Xavier lives in this place with his E.V.O. pup Glacier.
Scotsman's Hideaway - If ye want to find the Scotsman, you can find him here. You know; after you find him.
Noah's House - This is where you can find Rex's best friend, Noah Nixon. Come challenge him in basketball, if you dare.
Snyder Residence - Robin Snyder lives here, and she's always happy to have visitors in her house. She even has cookies ready to be served.
Mitchelson's Place - Mitch Mitchelson, the #1 thug of Pokey Oaks, lives here. If you can avoid it, don't go here. He's usually seen here with Endsville's #1 thug Sperg, and the local bully Terrance.
Orion Mansion - The larger house that is directly behind the Utoniums. It has everything a rich girl could want.
Alex's House - Home of Alex. Don't mind the mess; Alex will clean it up.
Ryo's House - This mystically electrifying place is home to Ryo Kanoske. A friendly soul that always likes to meet new friend. Come in, you might be just that with your visit.

Goat's Junk Yard
Amp's New Digs - Amp's underground home. It has everything a kid could want for games and entrainment.

Foster's Home
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - The home of the imaginary friends and the friends that love them. Stop on by, maybe you can find a friend to adopt.
Coop's House - Welcome to the house Coop lives in with his mom. Kiva and Jamie stay here as well.

Utonium Residence
Front Lawn - The outside of the Utonium house. It has swings, a pool and other things to enjoy.

Genius Grove
The Lunis House - Welcome to the house that belongs to Octus, Lance and Ilana. It's a rather nice place with advanced tech that Dexter would love to reverse engineer. Knock on the door, no one here will bite.
Dexter's House - Dexter's old home, now only lived in by Dee Dee. Don't enter the lab.
Mandark's House - Mandark's old house is now located in an infected zone. Just don't look into his old room.
Gianmaria's Place - Home of Gianmaria, a worker of Dexlabs. Please visit when he is home.
Tony's House - This industrial home belongs to the competitive Tony Alexander. Inside, it's a normal house, except for the fact that there's a forging room. You might want to stand back in case he's working.
The Clark Mansion - The home- er, mansion of Mari Clark. Ask to use her indoor track before using it.

Him's Mansion - Him's delightful house, which is scary and rather weird looking at the same time. Him won't hurt you while you're here, just have a drink and everything will be fine.
Billy's House - Welcome to Billy's house. Do you really want to go inside? It might be a health hazard.
Mandy's House - The home that belongs to Mandy. Don't worry about the dog out front, he's as coco as Billy.
Argost's Mansion - Welcome children to the home of Vincent Argost. Are you here for the show?
Nergal Jr.'s Abode - Nergal Jr. lives here with Boogie. Call before you come over.
Hunter's House - Home of Hunter's Hallow. It's to his liking.
Amber's and Grey's House - Home of the Ander siblings. Maybe you can even run into Dr. Ghastly.
Home of the Ancients - Retirement home for the monsters of old. Dracula lives here.
Butterbean's Place - What are you doing here? Don't you know Ms. Butterbean doesn't accept visitors, especially from students?
Skarr's House - Retired General Skarr, ex-subordinate of Hector Con Carne and member of Underfist, lives here. Do not mess with the flowers. I am so serious.
Irwin's House - The home of the half-human, half-mummy, quarter-vampire Irwin, who is also a member of Underfist. Perhaps you are here to score a date?
EVO Hideout - Rex's old pals live here now due to Fuse. It's better than the water tower and they can go out in public more than they could before.
Mindy's Home - This is the home of the spoiled-brat Mindy. She's a diehard Sassy Cat fan, and her room is filled with Sassy Cat items. Be wary, she has a sharp tongue, and has been able to hurt people verbally.

Habitat Homes
Micheal's House - Welcome to the normal home of Micheal. It's not much to look at since he's just a normal person, but it's still cool to him.
Ms. Keane's Home - Welcome to Ms. Keane's, just knock on the door. I'm sure she will be happy to see old students.
The Jones's Residence - Are you here to play with Robot Jones? He may be hanging out at the Sunken Mall, trying to learn how to skateboard.
Sonya's Apartment - The home of Ms. Stratum. It has its own sound studio in the basement. It's not lavish at all, but Sonya likes it.
Ivan's Place -
Welcome to the home of the Russian, Ivan. He's a rather nice fellow so don't be afraid to come see him.

The Penthouse - The top two floors of Exervent are Tessa's Home. You may want to leave if you are trespassing.

Mojo's Volcano
Volcano Lobby - Welcome to the first room in Mojo's lovely volcano home. Please don't mind all the minions, they are just here to help Mojo.

City Station/Marquee Row
Austin and Frankie's Apartment - Welcome one and all to the apartment of Ms Francis. Mind you don't track in mud.
Mark's Apartment - This apartment belongs to Mark. Perhaps you can stay and meet the big guy himself and listen to a story or two of his greatest matches.
Sedusa's Apartment - Sedusa lives here. Just beware her hair.
Toiletnator's Apartment - Welcome to Lou's place of residence. You don't have to be scared about going in; it's not toilet themed.
Justice Friend's Apartment - This is where Major Glory lives with his chums.
Thompson's Apartment - The apartment that is just above Sam's. The girl who lives here, Rikki, is rather excitable, so please be careful.
Honeydew's Apartment - Located in the lower parts of Marquee Row is the apartment of Agent Honeydew. If you want to live, you'll stay away.
Animal Apartment - After meeting up at a bus stop in the big city, Sheep, Cow, and Chicken now share a two bedroom, two bath apartment in City Station.

City Point
Jason's Apartment - Welcome to Jason's little home. It's a nice place with a darkroom in back. It could however use a good dusting.
Abandoned House - Zak Monday and Yuki L force open the door to this shake and slip inside. The area around them was warping due to anti matter. This would be the perfect spot to come up with plans to mess with their doubles.

Townsville Park
The Rustbucket - Welcome to Grandpa Max's home away from home. He is currently stationed here to keep an eye on the Fissure. That doesn't mean you can't stop on by... just avoid his meals.

Orchid Bay/Bravo Beach
Juniper Lee's Apartment - The place Juniper lives. It's close to where her parents are, but this place is so much better for her. It's full of weird magic stuff. Beware of Monroe, he will bore you with stories.
Adventure Base - On a hill overlooking Bravo Beach, this is the residence of Team Adventure, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, LSP, BMO, and Starchy. Are you looking for adventure.
Morbuck Manor - The posh mansion that belongs to Princess and her family. The main entry to the east end of the mansion was damaged in the early part of the war and some work is still be being done. Just don't go over there when Princess is home.
Bravo House - The house right near the beach named after the Bravo family. This place is a little tacky, but Johnny and his mama call it home.
Ice King's Fortress - If you're a princess, please step in. If you're anybody else, get the heck off the Ice King's property.
Providence's Private Villa - A large mansion owned by Providence and used by personal to get away. Just make sure you don't destroy the entire place Rex.
The Lexington's Mansion - Home to Belladonna and Sophie. Mind the pets and the maid.
Holden's and Bubbles' House - A new home for the new couple right in the middle of orchid bay. It has a modest front yard and a pool in the back. The house is three stories. I'm sure they would enjoy company.
Rex's House - A house of a boy named Rex. It's modest, but doesn't stand out.
Crystal Temple - The temple of the crystal Gem's is on the far Eastern side of Bravo beach near one of the abandoned Mansions. You'll find Steven here playing and the Gems training. Drop by and say hello. Steven could always use some new friends. If you have any cookie cats share them.

Providence H.Q.
Main Entrance - Through the combined efforts of Caesar, Douglas, and Carl, the new headquarters is built, although it is a skeleton. It's still being furnished, and there's few members. Providence is accepting new agents since some of them were killed during Black Knight's assault. You can find a registration stand at the Mall.

Ben's House - Welcome to the Tennyson house. If you want to go inside, just be sure you don't have a smoothie, or go into Ben's room for that matter.
Yamamoto House - Welcome to Julie Yamamoto's house. She may be busy studying or playing tennis, but she's always happy to have a friend over. And maybe you could play with Ship?
Levin's House - Welcome to the Levin house. Maybe his mom will be happy for a visitor.
Gwen's House - Welcome to Gwen Tennyson's home. She's more than happy to help you if you are in need.
Hex's Manor - The manor of Gwen's foe. It's rather nice and roomy. It also had an entrance into Ledger domain that Charmaster rules.
Wren House - A house that was used by the Wren's just before Grifton's and Lauren's death. It's located just behind Ben's place too. The inside is rather dusty since its been awhile since any has lived here.
Foreclosed House - An old house that was Maya's old haunt. It still damaged from the Gangreen gangs last visit.
Ace's New Digs - A nice little house in the middle of Bellwood. Its a few blocks over from Ben's house. The house has everything a hunter needs.
Melady's House - Living rather close to Ben, is the house of the Plumber-in-training named Melady. She's a rather interesting person with a large hidden weapons locker in her basement.

Mt. Blackhead
Jade's Treehouse - A tree house that has many secrets. In the corner seem to be some books pertaining to places in time. Are we planning a trip?
Fuzzy's Property - Fuzzy lives here so get off his land. Or in his words, "Git off mer prop'rty!"
The Merry Trickster - This is where Oceanbird and Windbear live in the woods. Mandark will not visit them at all.

Camp Kidney
Camp Kidney - The main campground for the boys, though the Squirrel Scouts have been located here since the loss of their camp. Are you here to visit Lazlo?
Violleta's House - The witch lives here. She's placed traps everywhere, so watch your step.
Sarah's House - This is the house that Sarah lives in. It's got everything she needs.
Zeke's House - A cabin hidden deep within the forest. Inside, you'll find a fun loving, adventurous person. Come on in for some time and enjoy yourself.
Zeke's Tree House - This is what Zeke had Hoagie build him. It's moderate sized. Have fun in here. Enter at your own risk.

The Academy
The Main Lobby - The main entry into the base. Have your IDs ready.

Bagge House - You arrive just outside the Farm that belongs to Eustace. There is a pink dog on the porch and he looks rather scared. Is that a mummy in the distance who wants a slab returned?

Saturdays' Airship
Airship Landing - This area is the outside of the airship, when it isn't flying around in the air. It's the perfect place to perform many scientific experiments and large scale builds. You might see something exciting.

Los Soledad
Little Shack - Just off the limits of the Military Base is a little shack that belongs to a certain time-traveling scientist. He accepts visitors, but you gotta catch him at the right time.

Van Kleiss' Castle - Welcome to Abysus, the center of the nanite event. The castle is a bit dark and dank, but Van Kliess and the pack seem at home. Maybe they will like to have you as a guest.

Hero's Hollow/Green Maw
Lich King's Stump Home - The home of the Lich King located in the Dark Glade. While it might not see like, its nice and cozy.

Elyon's Home - It's not your so standard cave. No one has really explored it. Maybe you should have a peak inside.

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