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Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom)

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Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom) Empty Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom)

Post  Professor Utonium on Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:19 am

Name: Mha’yzath Green (Previously Maya Leeblossom, Pronounced "MY-ZATH")

Age: 21, Immortal (Cannot die of old age, but can be killed by murder, disease, or another outside source.)

Ethnicity: Caucasian, however her skin is a very light green.

Race: Demon, with Arachnichimp blood.

Allegiance: Neutral

Origins: Alien

Powers: Mha’yzath still utilizes her four, three useable, spiderlegs located on her back. They are able to shoot webs, and allow Maya to walk on walls and ceilings, mimicking a real spider. As these are her limbs, their power is related to her physical strength.

Mha’yzath has picked up on the ability to float, or hover, much like most lesser demons have. However, she can’t fly or soar long distances in the air. Since this was one of the first powers she developed, she has it controlled well.

The demoness is able to create fire and flames, being able to shoot it from her hands and spiderlegs. When in the heat of the battle, this ability reaches full power, allowing Mha’yzath to become completely engulfed in flames. As a result of this, Maya is fireproof, and is completely unaffected  byfire. She actually quite enjoys the tingle.

She is able to see in the dark with no issue, and is also able to sense heat signatures. The latter is a low-powered ability, as she is unable to tell the difference between different heat patterns. (i.e. Confusing the heat signature for an animal for a person, thinking to notice heat signatures when nothing is there.)

Appearance: Mha’yzath was half-human in her past life, so she still retains a humanoid look. Her short blonde hair has two tuffs on either side of the bottom, and now has small green hairs tucked in with the blonde. The whites of her eyes have turned black, but her irises remain a bright baby blue. Over her left eye, she has a scar from a fight with Ace of the Ganggreen Gang when she was mortal. Her skin is also now a light green, and she has two tiny yellow horns that poke out of her hair.

Her four purple spiderlegs are now larger in size, and have spikes lined along the joints. The leg on the bottom right of her back was severed at the joint, and is now just a stub of a spiderleg. She has wrapped it with bandages, even though the wound has already healed.

She still wears the jacket from the gang who raised her, however, the Gangreen logo on the back has been replaced with the image of a black widow spider. The back is torn to allow her spiderlegs to fit through. Under her jacket is a torn, gray tank top, which reveals the demonic markings tattooed on her chest. These markings cover her from the collarbone down. Maya now also wears black leggings and knee-high boots, which she claims were made by the Demonic Royal Tailor. Unbeknownst to most, her feet are now hooves, hidden by the boots. She also has a slim tail now, that comes to a point like a stereotypical demon.

Strengths: Mha’yzath is still a fierce fighter, even more-so now given the abilities she’s developed. Of material weapons, Maya is still especially skilled wielding a knife or blade, but since her untimely fate, she’s opted for hand-to-hand combat almost exclusively. Her alien limbs combined with her demonic abilities aren’t something you want to be in the way of.

She grew up in the streets in her mortal days, so she wasn’t the smartest of people, but found strength in the street smarts she learned. She was surprised to learn that some, if not most, of these ideals, applied to the depths of the Underworld. While she hates the Gangreen Gang still, she’s forever thankful for the sly tricks and criminal ways they taught her, as she believes she would be suffering in the Underworld without them. Mha’yzath isn’t planning on being a criminal with her return to the Overworld, but will still be able to apply the skills she learned while traversing the land and in combat with others.

As Maya, Mha’yzath used to believe the only way to survive is on your own, that is, until she met her siblings and eventual friends. In the short time she shared with them, she realized that strength comes in numbers, and in trust of those close to you. While growing and surviving in the Underworld, she applied this thought process to those she met, forming close bonds and friendships with other lesser demons fighting for their lives. Now, she doesn’t know what she would if she was alone. Maya considers her bonds and relationships the most valuable thing to her now.

Weaknesses: Maya died in her mortal life when she was just 16, a teenager. While she is tough and street-smart, she’s stuck in the mentality of a 16 year old, her mind failing to mature during her time in the Underworld. This wouldn’t be that big of an issue if Mha’yzath wasn’t so cocky either. A trait she picked up being raised by Ace and from getting to know her sister Roxie, Mha’yzath thinks she’s able to basically everything with little to no fear. Her reasoning? “I’ve already died once, what’s the worst that can happen?”

Also made worse with her teenage mentality is her lack of a filter when speaking. She’s able to keep the secrets of those she’s close to, but will speak the first thing to pop in her mind in any other situation. Of course, not everything she blurts out is the nicest of things, and she suffers from using bad wording. Saying the wrong thing can lead to others getting aggravated with her, which she would just try to match. Fights most likely ensue.

Mha’yzath still cannot swim, but instead of just not learning in her mortal life, this weakness as grown to a full-on phobia. She likes to think she can’t die again, but even the thought of deep, rushing water can completely shut the demoness down, reliving the moment she was drowned and flung off a waterfall. However, now water possess a physical threat to her as well. Touching water burns her skin like fire would to a humans. Getting her completely wet could completely deactivate her fire-abilities, as well as torture her with the burns.

Personality: Comparing Mha’yzath to Maya in her original debut, you could think the two are almost seperate people. She’s a strong leader figure, albeit maybe a tad too bossy at times. While she would prefer for it to be her way or the highway, she knows not everything can go that way and is much more adpt for collaboration and discussing how ideas and plans could work together. Maya is kind to mostly everyone she meets, but is always wary of how people act and talk, just in case. She still can’t trust simply anyone, but is far more open to developing relationships with others, and will give strangers the benefit of the doubt. Once.

The Gangreen Gang taught her to keep her emotions and feelings bottled up, but she now is more vocal about her emotions than anything else. Her time with her friends and family in her mortal life taught her that her feelings are valid, and that it’s ok to express yourself and how you feel. If she notices someone who seems to be concealing their emotions, she’ll most likely begin to poke and prod at them in attempts to get them to put their feelings into words.

Some habits never change though. Mha’yzath has got a helluva mouth on her, nearly lacking a filter when speaking. In combat, her favorite thing to do is insult and hassle her opponents, most likely aggravating them or egging them on more than she needs to be. All her demonic friends she’s made don’t help with this either, as most of her cohorts in the Underworld share this trait and encourage it among themselves. And, of course, Mha’yzath is a Leeblossom at her core, so she can’t help but be a bit narcissistic. She thinks she’s wickedly attractive, and thinks the demonic changes to her appearance only make her look even more beautiful.

History: What happens when you die?

Chester Leeblossom never expected to have a child with his eventual wife Marian, and was never around to take care of his first child Roxie. So when Marian became pregnant, he wanted to be the best father he could be to this new little girl. He treated Maya Leebossom as a princess as he raised her, only to be cut short tragically when she was only four. The whole family was in a car accident that killed Maya’s parents on impact. She was sent to her grandmother’s house on her mother’s side, only to have her grandmother die of old age two years later. Child Protection Services was sent to take in Maya, but when the social worker arrived at their house, they only found a ransacked and disastrous scene.

The Gangreen Gang had burgled the home, finding Maya inside. They were going to simply off her to avoid witnesses, until Ace saw the four, alien spiderleg limbs the girl had on her back. The Gang kidnapped her, taking her in as their own in hopes of raising her to be their greatest foil to the Powerpuff Girls. By her preteens, Maya “Green” had become a premature alien criminal, carrying out devilish deeds for the Gangreen Gang and mindlessly becoming a groupie for their mediocre band. She had even become friends with Belladonna at the beginning of the Fusion invasion.

A few years into the Fusion War, Maya learned of her existing family living in Townsville. She was extremely wary of meeting them, not trusting them and believing they would leave her just like her parents and grandmother. It was a rough, long road, but Roxie and Maya’s relationship grew from utter rivals to the closest of sisters in no time. Of course, her fellow Gang members didn’t approve of her canoodling with a bunch of goodie two shoes like the Leeblossom siblings and the likes of Amp and David Starsky. She eventually declared her independence from the Gang, fully converting to the same side as her sister and eventual boyfriend Amp.

However, this hybrid’s growing life would be tragically cut short as well. During a picnic near the Forgotten Falls with Roxie, Amp, and Boomer, the group is ambushed by the Gangreen Gang, attacking to get revenge on Maya for leaving them like Belladonna did. In the mists of the fight, Ace shoved Maya into the river. Unable to swim, she was pulled with the current, eventually pushing her over the edge and down the Falls. She was dead before she reached the bottom.

What happens when you die?

Strangely, Maya awakes laying on the warm grounds of the horrific Underworld. Her skin had turned green, the whites of her eyes had turned black, her alien spiderlimbs had grown in size, and she had even sprouted horns on her head. She didn’t know if time had passed from when she fell down the Falls, or why she was where she was, but Maya had become a Demon.

It didn’t take her long to realize where she was, (she had just died, of course), and the Underworld was not a kind place to a brand new demon. A pair of lesser Demons working as bakers took in Maya, giving her the name Mha’yzath to better fit in, and acting as her mentors as she begins to learn of her new life and abilities. It’s here where she remembers one of her demonic friends.

Them the demon was never Roxie’s friend, nor Maya’s, but she still knew who they were. Luckily, the multiple-personality filled demon was on hiatus from the Overworld, bring their work to the Underworld for a short while. Her Baker mentors helped her get in touch, posing as a simple demoness in need of a dress until the two came face to face. A couple changes to her body didn’t fool Them, who recognized Mha’yzath, and finding it humorous she ended up dying. Despite their rival-esque relationship, Them was quite valuable to Mha’yzath. They not only helped her with fitting in, but also training her in her demonic abilities, even teaching her how to harness the element of fire.

After awhile in the Underworld, Mha’yzath really started to feel at home, and finally coming to terms with her death. She mets many other demons throughout the land, befriend a lot, while making enemies and frenemies of others. Along with several other lesser demons, Mha’yzath began the Widowblossom Gang, named in honor of her sister Roxie and their shared alien ancestry. Her gang didn’t run the streets of the Underworld, more-so acting as a close friend group, as well as a group of sparring and training partners. Alone they were just lesser demons, but together they were a team.

Of course, Mha’yzath had no intentions of returning to the Overworld as Maya. She knew it was impossible to “come back to life,” but had noticed a few demons who traveled between the realms, like Them. Come to find out, it was actually possible for her to gain access to the Overworld. The catch? She would have to defeat a member of the Demon King Javerick’s inner circle to be granted passage to the Overworld. Suddenly, her dreams of seeing Roxie and Amp again became more than dreams. They became her motivation.

Mha’yzath began to take this challenge annually, returning month after month to fight a powerful demon in hopes of emerging victorious. As just a lesser demon, she stood no chance in the beginning. But she worked hard with her Gang to ensure she would be stronger every match, learning from her mistakes, as well as learning the patterns of her opponents. Nearly five years after awakening as a demon, she was finally beginning to believe in herself and her strength to beat the Inner circle demons.

Feeling extra confidant, Mha’yzath invited the members of the Widowblossom Gang to come watch her next challenge, claiming this one was going to be “the one.” Her power and stragey coupled with the moral support of her closest friends was the perfect recipe to get to the Overworld! However, this turned out to be false, as she gets her behind handed to her by her opponent. Just as Mha’yzath is about to lose, the members of her Gang jump to her side, defending her and fighting alongside her to work as they always intended, as a team.

Who knew all it took to defeat a grand demon just a gaggle of determined lesser demons. In the commotion of the victory, the demons overseeing the match declare Mha’yzath a cheater and claiming her victory has false. In one last push of teamwork, the members of the Widowblossom Gang stood their ground, attacking and providing a distraction for Mha’yzath to claim her reward and sneak to the portal to the Overworld.

She’ll begin in the RP fresh out of the portal, only beating the grand demon with her Gang minutes before arrival. She plans on reconnecting with her sister Roxie and her mother, as well as rekindling her romance with boyfriend Amp.

Do you use nanos: No. Mha’yzath is not human.

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Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom) Empty Re: Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom)

Post  zerowing21 on Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:46 pm

Don't forget, Grim showed up to farry Maya to the other side right after she passed on. So, something big must have happened after he brought her over. *can't believe I still remember that*

Everything looks good from my end, I'll give a tentative approval for now since I will want to look her over again.

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Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom) Empty Re: Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom)

Post  Mr.Didathing on Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:22 am

It's a yes from me, dawg.

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Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom) Empty Re: Mha'yzath Green (Maya Leeblossom)

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