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We're looking for new RP Coordinators once again.

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We're looking for new RP Coordinators once again.  Empty We're looking for new RP Coordinators once again.

Post  zerowing21 on Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:20 pm

That's right folks, you heard it here. We're once again looking for new staff for the site. So here's how its going to roll. Tell us if you think you're qualified for the job and how. Tell us of any experience that you think will help with the job. We will also include an OC that is in need of correction and it will be up to you, the applicant to tell us what is wrong and/or make suggestions on a possible fix.

The OC is as followed and has been created by fellow rp mod Kaiser.

Name: Reina Oracion
Origin: Human
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Age: 25
We're looking for new RP Coordinators once again.  Pswu6qy
Reinar has been a prodigy at archery ever since she was seven years old. She has trained enough that she can still calmly shoot and hit her target while being put in precarious positions such as hanging upside down or being swarmed by enemies.
She is strongly passionate in things she believes in. She will fight to the death for his ideals if she truly believes that they are right and won’t yield to anyone.
She is quite easy to get along with. Her joyful personality makes it so that people tend to take to her quickly and she generally goes with the flow.
She’s quite directionless most of the time. When she gets passionate about something Reina is able to focus on nothing but that, it’s quite difficult for her to actually find something to be passionate in.
She’s almost never serious. Reina is quite the jokester, but that makes it so that people think she doesn’t take anything seriously and so she often isn’t trusted with anything important.
Reina’s defining trait without a doubt would be her socialness. She is a real jokester, but that’s what people like about her and why Reina is often talking with a lot of people. She is also quite the flirt, often flirting with whoever she thinks is a cutie.
Despite this socialness, Reina is a loner. She can talk to people just find, but she finds it really hard to actually befriend people and doesn’t consider any of the people she talks to as actual friends. She flirts a lot, but it’s because she doesn’t know how to express her true feelings to the people that are the targets of her affection.
Reina is also a person with very few ambitions. Due to her upbringing, she has never really felt the need to actually want to achieve something. She had been handed pretty much everything in her entire life ever since her grandparents took her in as she was the heir to a multi-million company.
She is extremely confident in her archery skills. She will never be afraid to take an important shot and is the one thing she is relied on. Her confidence is a double-edged sword however. It has led to Reina doing this such as tying punching gloves to the arrowtip in order to challenge her and she often forgets to replace those arrows whenever she is in important missions.
Born to a multi-million philanthropy company owner, Reina had been given everything she ever wanted and was destined to be the future owner someday. She first picked up an interest in archery after watching a high school club in Japan practice during one of her parent’s business trips. Mesmerized by the form and technique needed for it, Reina requested for a great quiver and bow and began hunting to hone her skills, eventually being considered a prodigy in archery.
However, her life began to turn sour when she became seven. While on a business trip with her parents in Germany, fusions began to attack the city. Faced with a Fusion Coco, Reina could have saved her family if she had the courage to shoot. But the fear of death got to her and made it so that she couldn’t let the arrow fly and it cost her the lives of her mother and father. She was able to escape death because SACT Agents came to the scene but it was too late, Reina was changed.
After that incident, Reina was taken in by her grandparents and was raised to be the next owner of her parent’s company once she came of age. That destiny would never come to be however. When she turned seventeen, a week before she was to accept the company ownership, she went on a cruise to meet with future business partners. During that cruise however, a horrible storm occurred and caused the ship to shipwreck. Reina was able to survive because of finding a hoverboard and using it as a flotation device.
She ended up on a stranded island and realized she needed to rely on her own talent in order to survive. She learned how to craft a bow using materials from the island and taped back to memories of hunting as a child. She was able to survive for two years before eventually being rescued and taken to Orchid Bay. Realizing that she has lost everything, Reina had no idea what she was supposed to do with her life now.
It was at that moment that she noticed people being attacked by Fusion Coco. Flashing back to her childhood when her parents were killed by the same beast, Reina froze up at first. Right before their death however, she garnered up the courage to fire her arrow and cause the creature to retreat. She finally realized that she had to make sure that no one else would suffer from fusions like she had. Reina quickly learned that there was an Academy training recruits to combat fusions and decided to enroll there where she currently trains, polishing her archery and fusion killing skills.
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Please remember to PM this to me or Kyra Xyrespace.

Please include


Number of Post (Minimum 100 and please do not inflate your post count just to qualify)
Reason you wish to be a mod/etc
What you've seen wrong with the test oc and what you'd say or suggest with said issues.

Good Luck to all of you who apply.

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