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Dave Strudder

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Dave Strudder Empty Dave Strudder

Post  thatguy591 on Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:54 am

Name: Dave Strudder, preferably goes by Davie

Age: 22

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Allegiance: Chaotic Good

Origins: Magic User

Powers: Magical Tombs
The first tome is fire, it has a high impact of his endurance, travels long distances with a medium cast time which allows this attack to deal high amounts of damage
The second tome is lightning it only has the power to incapacitate for short periods allowing people to subdue or deal damage to a target (medium cast time,no damage incapacitates)medium cast time low on endurance.
The third tome is wind it uses the arcane winds to pick up the user or a single target and makes them fly for an exceptional amount of time low cast time low hit on endurance
The fourth tome is nature spell that casts a healing aura around a group or single target with a low cast time but a high hit on endurance but heals an exceptional amount of damage.

Equipment: 4 magical tomes carried in a childish looking side satchel, he carries a burnt cd because he took disc burning to seriously with a label on it that says mixtape.

Appearance: He wears a pair of harry potter glasses(bad eyesight),in a leather jacket with a white shirt blue denim jeans.

Strengths: Fast learner, Good organizer, Good listener

Weaknesses: Bad eyesight, Not to physically strong. Doesn’t have very good endurance. Not the best with people

Personality: Mean at first but gets more tolerable the more you talk to him. He’s very direct to the point to where he can seem like he’s being a jerk, this is because he is more logical in thought and has had difficulties involving his memories he has lost most compassion for the people he meets.The result of him using his tomes has changed his way of thinking about normal people becoming slowly more distant.

History:He is an amnesiac that doesn’t know much about his past other than he has had magical training at Toadblatts where he learned to channel the arcane to cast from his spell tomes that he keeps in his side satchel. On his graduation he stole 4 tomes that he used from then on to cast his arcane spells.From channeling his arcane magic it started to slowly manipulate his mind and when he tried to cast the biggest spell he's ever tried casting without help it shattered his memory leaving him alone and confused why he has the four tomes that he can only cast his four spells from .

Do you use nanos: Nah

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Dave Strudder Empty Re: Dave Strudder

Post  zerowing21 on Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:08 am

Caucasian is skin color not what his ethnicity is.

So he's a shaman type magic users then.

Expand appearance. What is his hair color, eye color and more.

I would not consider bad eye sight to be a weakness, cuz him without glasses is very situational. Expand on some strengths since they need to be explained. Not best with people is more a personality thing. Plus that contradicts good listener strength to me.

Expand the personality, you only have two traits. You need to have 3 positive and 3 negative.

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