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Brandis Alwinner

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Brandis Alwinner Empty Brandis Alwinner

Post  popthebobly on Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:55 pm

Name:  (Reviver) Brandis Alwinner
Ethnicity: Caucasian  
Race (If your OC is an alien): Human
Allegiance: Neutral
Origins: Ex K.n.d/ Evo Scientist
Powers: Able to move and control Nanites in the air around me to with the use of a high power radio jammer he made with the help of mandark. Using them for uses listed below
1. Nanite shildes
2. Nanite wepons that exploded in a flurry of heat and shrapnel after thay vibrate to a form of supper over load. (the types of wepons will be listed below)
3. Forming repairs to his armor (witch takes time)

Appearance: Younger look guy with light green hair, and one eye that is cyberneticly incanted with the M.O.N.C.A. F.T.A.R. (see back story)

Strengths: he’s a good shot with  nipper rifle, has a grate amount of when it comes to weapons and armor and hes a martial artist

Weaknesses: (By weakness, we mean what are they bad at, or what can be a weakness to their powers? 3 are mandatory)

Personality: he antisocial a shut in who uses a tuff guy act to hide his true coolers

History: when mandrakes industry started they were using their manpower to help create project after project either stolen from dex labs or copies, but a group of people within the company were using their grants for something eviler. They decided that they could improve the nanomachines known as “nanites” but they need a way to get large amounts to them with out hurting the general public so they devised the M.O.N.C.A. F.T.A.R. or “Mind Operated Nanite Collection Aporadis For Testing And Recycling". This prototype was taken by a knd operative and was throw away in coops junkyard where Brandis found it. on a boss he defeated after about 1 hour of straight fighting. then suddenly It attached to his eye due to the remnant fusion goo on it and he was combined with it... made into an odd amalgamation of human and tec
Do you use nanos: yes (open to suggestion)

(weapons the nanites can turn into)
1. short swords
2. hand axe's
3. meat cleavers
4. knifes/daggers
5. balls of the energy

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Brandis Alwinner Empty Re: Brandis Alwinner

Post  zerowing21 on Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:13 am

Race as stated is only for aliens.

So he's an Evo. One what? A technopath? But with the way you have him fused with the tech does not make him an evo at all. He didn't go through a stress period to trigger to be an evo or anything.

Personality needs to be much longer with positive and negative traits.

There is no real way to gather large amount of nanites either and how would they improve nanites when they can't even break the first gens programming. Only Rex can do that.

The history isn't even about the character, we need more meat on the bone about early days, etc.

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