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Heather Orion (already accepted RPCOC)

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Heather Orion (already accepted RPCOC)

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:02 pm

Name: Heather Orion

Age: 19 (when first accepted)

Ethnicity 1/2 Greek, 1/2 Icelandic (born in Townsville)

Race: Human

Allegiance: Good guys

Origins: Just Human

Appearance: Heather has very long lavender hair with dark purple highlights that reaches below her waist. She has bright orange eyes that are full of love. She is 5'7 and normally wears frilly tops along with skirts and heels since she is a girly girl.

Strengths: Adept at music since she's a concert pianist, she has leadership and management experience at concerts, empathic to others around her.

Weakness: Clumsy, very superstitious to point of being paranoid, scared of people's nanos

Heather is a snarky young woman with a lot to say. She's unafraid to speak her mind, though she will censor herself if she sees the person in an upset mood. She's able to read a person's emotions, especially from their facial expressions, and can use that to her advantage. Heather has a bitter relationship with her sister, Duchess, and will attack and undermine the fifteen year old at any moment she gets. Even speaking the younger's name will cause Heather to strike out, whether verbally or physically, depending on how she feels at the moment.

Her relationship with her parents is a little strained. She loves them, and she knows they love her, but they don't give her the attention she seeks. They were always giving it to Duchess, and that bothered her. So she built a rebellious streak. She didn't do anything too outrageous, because she didn't want to disgrace her family name, but she started going to places that were considered "beneath her class." It was at an underground pub that she was introduced to rock music by the Gangreen Gang. She instantly fell in love with the sound, and took to the guitar, and later the electric keyboard, which became her passion. Her keyboard is her most prized posession, and she will kill anyone who touches it.

Heather is shy when it comes to building a relationship. She's sociable, can make small talk easy, but she can't get it past that. She's afraid of developing something deeper than a simple acquaintance. She blames this fear on her relationship with her family, since they hadn't taught her on how to make meaningful relationships, but she's too proud to seek any help.

History: Born in Townsville to Artemis and Hephaestus Orion. At a young age, Heather was taught by her parents to be compassionate, who were only second in wealth to the Morbucks. By the time she was five, things changed when her little sister, Duchess was born and she was showed with all the affections of both parents. From a young age, she had been school in piano, the violin and the harp, but there was no passion with in her playing. At the age of Fifteen, this all changed because of the Gangreen Gang's concert and suddenly found her place in the world. From then on, she used every waking moment to improve on her playing, even going to the park to play under the tress.

After Fuse's arrival, Heather was out in the garden of her mansion when a lone nano appears, darting into her hair. The little thing scared Heather so much that she shirked loudly and everyone came running to see what the matter was. The nano had fled at the scream, but to this day, Heather is scared of any type of nano, even the cute ones.

By the time Heather reaches the age of seventeen, her talent is fully recognized, becoming a full concert pianist. Every so often, this girl would go on tour, visit important place while there and even sooth the souls of kids in pain since she knew how they felt. This is also when the Gangreen Gang had hit it big with their new singer, Belladonna. Heather fell even more in love with the vocals of this young star, but soon learned that she was none other than Buttercup. Heather fell in love with her at that moment Soon after, odd things would happen containing to old wives tales and thus Heather starts to take this literally and comes paranoid at anything to do with these like steeping on crack.

To this day, Heather wishes she could meet Buttercup and confess her love for her

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