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Hannah "Duchess" Orion (already accepted RPCOC character)

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Hannah "Duchess" Orion (already accepted RPCOC character)

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:59 pm

Name: Hannah "Duchess" Orion

Age: 15

Ethnicity: 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Icelandic

Race: Human

Allegiance: Villains

Origins: Human

Appearance: Short shoulder length sage green hair with hazel eyes. She wears tailor made dresses from Italy with shoes from France and other assorted accessory from other places around the world.

Strengths: Excellent pathological Lair, Very Manipulative and charming, Excellent Fencer

Weakness: Legs become putty at the sight of men with muscles, has a fondness for desserts, has a short fuse and is quick to anger.

Personality: The youngest Orion child is the one who has been given everything. She is spoiled and she knows she can get anything she wants. At her young age she uses all her charm and charisma to manipulate any one she wants to get what she wants, even if its through blackmail. She has even learned to become of the best lairs in the world and she has trained with the best to become a top fencer in the area. While she might seem cold this young girl will swoon at any man who has muscles and will try to go after them to get them to be hers, even if they are older. Ever since she was young she love desserts and will stop whatever she is doing to get one if they are in view. When things do not go her way, she quickly becomes angry and throws fits that have become legendary in the Orion Household. This girl hates all the heroes in Townsville and will bash them openly to anyone who will listen to her.

History: As the baby of the Orion family, Hannah was given everything she asked for. She was given the attention, the clothing, the toys; everything and anything she set her heart on. She learned this at a very young age, and mastered it, giving her the ability to manipulate her parents hearts into giving her anything she wanted. Even at school, if something happened that didn't go Hannah's way, the girl would simply lie and manipulate her way out of the situation. By the age of nine, Hannah began taking Fencing lessons, quickly picking up on how do it and even persuading older student to give her free lessons. By the age of eleven, Hannah had mastered all three weapons and even used what little charm she had to win any matches if her skill wasn't good enough. As time went on, she saw that the heroes of Townsville were nothing short of being dumb and start to openly denounces them and even throw things at them if they were near her. The reason for this hate of heroes is due to the fact that none of them pay attention or fall for her little games. The villains are much more willing to pay attention to her and she has a good friendship going with Princess.

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