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Bella Blossom Page 2

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Bella Blossom Page 2

Post  Haruchanfan9 on Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:29 pm

Name: Bella Blossom
Allegiance: Hero
Origins: None. Just human

Strengths: She Practices dodging, protecting, till she gets it at the age of 14. She also trained fighting for for hours at most days at a training area.
Weaknesses: Bella is allergic to Chemical X because there is a Radioactive ingredient called Atom X. Atom X is a substance created with Chemicals and growth magic atoms. This matters to her cause she was found with burns and rashes to Chemical X.  She is also bad at singing cause she couldn't have time for anything cause of her education. Bella can be clumsy at times though she gets bloody noses cause of her clumsiness.
Personality: Loner, Depressed, Shy ,Kind, Smart, Clumsy
History: Bella and her parents were always working so that they can move somewhere else. They gave her all what she wanted since she lived in a rich family. She also has a very high education.
One night, Bella was dreaming of something terrible that happened in the Earth. Till one year later something happened, The invasion of Fuse. Bella was only 9 when the invasion happened. Her parents died when the invasion came. So she had to live in a orphanage where she had to live till she 15. She wanted defeat Fuse to help but she couldn't since she was 9. Then, 3 years later, She joined a group on a newspaper application. So she trained while she was 13 for two years. The time had come, Planet Fuse attacked again but in a different way. She packed her bags, ran away to save Earth once again from Planet Fuse. It was her time to destroy him!

I think this might need some improvements again.

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Re: Bella Blossom Page 2

Post  zerowing21 on Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:02 pm

You don't have to create another thread for this. Just stick with the one thread for your character please. The site automatically goes to a second page.

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