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Gavin 'Echo' Moore

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Gavin 'Echo' Moore

Post  Parkerman13 on Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:18 pm

Name: Gavin ‘Echo’ Moore

Age: 23

Ethnicity: American

Race: African-American/ Caucasian; Biracial

Allegiance: Good Guys

Origins: EVO

[Echolocation, High] - Gavin’s hearing is so good that he can make subtle sounds and actually listen for the time it takes for those sound waves to bounce off of objects and return to him. Though he is technically blind this power allows him to ‘see’ everything around him.  

[Heightened Hearing, High] - Gavin can hear things from long distances away. He can also hear very quiet things that a normal human wouldn't be able to. His range of hearing is much wider than humans and can hear things that have extremely high or low pitch such as a dog whistle.

[Throw voice, Medium] - Gavin is can use ventriloquy to make his voice  sound like it is coming from a certain point.

[Bite, Low] - Gavin bites down on his enemy with his two large fangs, usually only used as a last resort.

Before Gavin turned into an EVO, he was an average sized young man with large curly black hair and light brown skin. After he turned, his skin turned into a light grey green shade with blotches and blemishes all over it. He lost his hair and was left with a smooth bald head and his canine teeth grew larger and sharper. He also lost his eyes as he evolved and had them replaced with two large bat like ears that grew in place of them. The two large ears on the front of his face give him his heightened hearing. He also has a large flat bat like nose, and a thick fur on his shoulders, upper arms and back. He has evolved to have two fingers and a thumb on each hand as well as only two large toes. He usually wears a hoodie to hide his face, sneakers and jeans or cargo shorts, when he is with friends he like to wear a tank top and a beanie.

One of Gavin’s most helpful skill is his ability to gather information. His ears let him eavesdrop from very far away allowing him to listen to conversations and gather information from them.
Gavin has a quick reflexes and is able to react quickly when he needs to.
Gavin also has very good street smarts and is a good judge of potentially dangerous situations.

Gavin’s greatest weakness is the loss of his vision. Though he can use his echolocation to navigate the world and his enemies, there are certains things he isn’t able to see. He can’t see things like the color of things, any writing or text, brightness/ light/ shadows and basically anything else that's also 2D.
Gavin is shy especially to strangers and when he’s in large crowds. He always thinks that people will judge him on the way he looks and tries to hide his appearance with his hood.
Gavin has a hard time being subtle and is often very blunt even in sensitive situations.

Gavin has social anxiety. He has a hard time meeting new people but when he does he often can make new friends out of them once they gain his trust. He is usually pretty mellow and calm when he’s alone but when he's on a mission he can get very serious and his attitude changes when he is determined to get something done. Gavin is almost always on the side of good and he will only not do something for the greater good if it goes against his moral code. Because of his past, Gavin has learned to always put himself first and he figures that if something happens to him then he can’t help others.  

Gavin was born as an only child and a in a big city. He was raised by his parents and though they didn't have a very high income, they still provided him with a good childhood. Gavin grew up hanging with his friends, listening to hip-hop, skateboarding and making abstract street art. Encouraged by his parents he studied hard in high school and was accepted into a university, he would be the first of his family to go. With many scholarships and a generous donation from his community he moved out to go to a university at 18. Packing his things to go he imagined all the good things that would come of this accomplishment. He was in his first class of his first semester when the Nanite Event happened he was infused with nanites and mutated into the form he is today. After he realized what he had become he ran back to his parents. When Gavin’s parents saw him they didn't recognize him, they were terrified and ran. Gavin was scarred by this and ran away. After traveling for some time, he found a crime boss that took Gavin in and hear his story. The crime boss adopted him in and gave him the nickname ‘Echo’ which he tells people to call him that he doesn't trust. The crime boss taught him to hone his powers and in return, Gavin became his informant and gathered information from cities across the world. When Gavin was sent on one mission he heard people  talking about The crime boss and all the terrible things he had done, Gavin was so scared that he couldn’t face him ever again. Gavin ran and has been traveling up as well as fulfilling information gathering contracts for private employers up until Lord Fuse invaded Earth. Gavin did everything he could to stop him and his monsters though he does is on his own terms.      

Do you use nanos: No

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Re: Gavin 'Echo' Moore

Post  zerowing21 on Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:31 pm

You need to say what level each ability is, a low level, a medium or high.

The second weakness is more personality trait and not a true weakness. How does it actually hamper him?

Does he go off and explore also due to being distracted?

The personality you have is more preferences than real character. We also need negative traits.

For the history, I suggest checking the rp timeline and other things in the required reading area. Quarry has been beaten by Rex already so you know. But it's a good start

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Post  Parkerman13 on Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:47 pm

Added power levels to powers, Changed weakness, Changed personality. Edited history to be more ambiguous.


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Re: Gavin 'Echo' Moore

Post  Mr.Didathing on Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:36 am

I'd clarify the personality a bit more. As it is now it seems kind of all over the place. How exactly do pressure and stress change him? How long does it take for him to trust people usually, and how far does that trust go? Just how selfless is he, i.e at what point will he decide he has too much on his plate to worry about others if he's supposed to be a generally selfless and helpful guy?

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Re: Gavin 'Echo' Moore

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